Welcome to your online gallery!

I hope you enjoy your photos. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Portraits can be ordered in color or black and white. Please note that the filter for Black and White is generated by the proofing software and are NOT what your final product will look like.

Printing is done using the finest materials. The quality of work provided by the companies I work with, is far above what you will find at your local chain's photo counter. All “works of art” are printed professionally on top quality photographic paper. All prints 8x10 and larger are sprayed with a protective luster coating to increase durability and resistance to fading.

You are here because you value photography as a “works of art”. You want much more then a snap shot, you want family heirlooms. You want to invest your memories. I can create these memories that last a lifetime. I can create works of art that can be passed down from generation to generation. I create memories that last a lifetime.

I believe in quality over quantity. Your session was edited down to the images I regard professional in quality. Laurie's ShutterFlutter reserves the right to only release photographer selected and edited photographs. All other photographs remain the sole property of Laurie's ShutterFlutter and will not be released to the consumer. Raw or unedited photos are NEVER released. 

Please Note:

  • After 60 days, if an order has not been placed and paid for, your images will be purged. Purchased images are archived for 3 months.
  • It is the clients responsibility to check all proof numbers and sizes that are being ordered to ensure proper order placement before sending or placing your order.
  • Due to the custom nature of this work, all sales on portraits, digital files, albums, collages, etc. are final. No exceptions. Orders are non-returnable, and there are no refunds
  • All photographs are copyrights of Laurie Ford and Laurie's ShutterFlutter Photography and Art. It is illegal to copy, scan or reproduce any images without written permission whether purchased or not. 
  • Digital images come with a limited print release. Please check your print release for proper usage and terms.

Thank you for using Laurie's ShutterFlutter Photography and Art as your photographer.

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